Muhammad is Dead

Muhammad ibn Abd Allah (570-632) is the last of the Prophets from whose proclamation of Qur'an Islam derives. Muhammad was born in Mecca, in the Year of the Elephant, he liked to have sex with children and had visions of grandeur about his jewish lover Gabriel. Gabriel broke his heart, so he made the foundation of his religion the killing of jews.


Muhammad was a busy snake-oil merchant in the city of Mecca. From time to time he liked to leave the city and walk into the hills to a cave where he could be alone to masturbate furiously. He would spend time in the hills of Hira spanking his monkey like a monkey on crystal meth, so much so that he'd forget to eat. He later said he was only fasting, and that caused the fasting part of the whole religion.  While he was there, his wife Khadija would stop by and offer anal sex.

In Islam, any depiction of the creepy pedophile prophet Muhammad is strictly forbidden, as it might lead to a form of idol worship. No images of Muhammad are allowed, ever. Muslims want to kill all cartoonists in Denmark, over a few innocent cartoons of the terrorist Muhammad. Now they want to kill everybody on Wikipedia for publishing some pictures of the profit. I wanted to preserve the pictures in case Wikipedia backs down and removes them. Here they are with some creative captioning.

So, I suppose that if non-Muslims draw a picture of Muhammad, they deserve death, right? Well, as a non-Muslims I deserve death in their eye anyway, so here goes...
Here he is betting his followers that he can slide all the way down a banister without falling. He won the bet and used the money to buy beer and protitutes.
Here is his senior picture from high school. Imagine how many chicks he scored with that diaper on his head. Today he's so old he can't get it up, so the chicks don't bother with him anymore.

Here's Muhammad preparing to be tossed into the air on a blanket in a college fraternity ritual. After the blanket aerobatics they all went to the pub and got smashed. Muhammad woke up naked the next morning with a jewish homosexual in his bed with poopy on his weiner. Muhammad was a catcher! 

Here's Muhammad with his head on fire from playing Halo on XBox360 too long (I think he got beat by a girl and two homosexuals).

Art school contest - Draw the most heinous prick that ever lived.

Time to kill some women for having ideas!

Voltaire said, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
The Muhammad version is "I disagree with what you say, and I am going to kill you for saying it."

Lego Muhammad, includes all 23 wives, yes the 6 yr old he married too.

Muhammad: "I'll take that goat over there, she's pretty!"

Muhammad after not getting his ham and bacon sandwich from his mother. He later rebelled by not allowing any of his followers to eat ham or bacon!"