Khamenei Dead!

The Supreme Leader of Iran is Dead

Khamenei has died. Relative to this, all regime organizations including the official regime news agency "Seda va Sima" are being draped in black.

Ballot stuffing 
Twitter sucks

Will Obama travel to Iran to pay his respects without preconditions?

Obama is sad over Khamenei's death!

Khamenei has been met by his 72 Virgins (Helen Thomas look-alikes)?

Helen Thomas is very Horny

The health of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei - The Masturbator, The Homosexual, and Goat Fucker has turned critical as was reported to our Central location at 11:30 last night (near midnight) by one of our influential supporters. It stated that the over-all health of the Supreme Ruler Seyed Ali (Khamenei), Thief in Chief, the Plunderer, and Retard has become critical.

Sad douchebag

His Lover, Fluffer, and his Goat Hearder were summoned to his bedside, only to find him giving him masturbating furiously. On their arrival into his private room, everyone including his family was told to leave the room, so he could really have some last crazy sex with his boyfriend. The video should be on YouTube in a couple days. After, the three friends serviced Khamenei for about 45 minutes, they instructed that only young boys were to enter his room. The Lover, Fluffer, and his Goat Hearder had to take the goat to the vet for injuries sustained during the furious sex.

As has been reported in various newsletters and publications, some three days ago Khamenei issued his last will and testament in which he asked that his favorite goat be named as next Supreme Leader, and to ask Allah to forgive him for all the gay sex and sex with goats, including those which he may have INADVERTENLY had sex with AND DOES NOT REMEMBER!!!!