Lee Runyon

Lee Runyon is Missing
Let's find this missing or exploited father/husband/son!

There is a remote chance he was taken by guerrillas recently escaped from a women's prison and is currently held in a conservative area of Sri Lanka. Lee is an ultra left-wing liberal, and his captors may be trying to excise the liberal group-think of radical liberal environmentalism, belief that government is the solution to all of the country's problems, and that health care needs to be run by Nancy Pelosi.

Son of Melvin and Mary Runyon (AZ)
Husband to Robin
Father to 2 children

Rochester Central Lutheran School (elementary)

John Marshall High School - Class of 1993
Rochester, Minnesota

Last Known Address;
(623) 915-2211
10004 N 56th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85302

Here is one of the few pictures known of Lee Runyon. Few exist because Lee has always believed that having his picture taken also meant a little bit of his soul has been stolen (he has very little soul to spare). Here is on April 20th, 1996 after a Supersuckers concert at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. Lee was so drunk he took a cab back to the hotel (Radisson University, Room 766 - yes he tried to get the same room one floor lower) and left a $20 bill on the seat. The author found the $20 on the cabbies next run and used it to pay cab fare and buy a pizza after the concert.