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Pranks II

Welcome to Pranks II, yet another collection of great pranks collected from reader submissions!

Throw a midnight Kegger at your victims home. Advertise on Craigslist (We may or may not have also printed up 1/4 sheet ads to drop EVERYWHERE we went that particular week) explain there will be a DJ, a Keg, and food. Cost to get in is 1 six pack of their favorite beer. Give proper directions to the back gate, and make sure the lock was cut earlier in the evening, put up party decorations after they all went to sleep, if you can get away with it. Wait and watch as people start to show up. If some remember to bring the six-pack they can start before the keg is tapped. If luckey, you could end up with a full-on rave before the owners wake up and alert the police.

An example, from what we understand. People started showing up at 11:45ish ate the bucket of KFC and started to get impatient when the DJ never showed up so banged on the sliding glass doors. The guy we were pranking was completely clueless.. thus pissing off the partiers.. More kept showing up and he had to explain to each of them that there was a mistake. Lol...LONG night then he had to go to church the next morning and explain why he was exhausted...Cause ya see we had a kegger...LOL..

We had a glassed-in entryway at the front of our school with glass double doors, about 40 feet wide by 7 feet deep. Some kids caulked all the doors shut, busted out one of the top windows, and filled up the front entryway with water about 10 feet deep. Drop some goldfish in, ...you're good to go.

I post this in every prank thread, but the most awesome ever is when someone gets two goats, paints a "1" and a "3" on them, releases them in said school/office building/church/funeral home, and sits back and watches as the authorities go nuts looking for "2".

Did you know that bologna placed on the hood of a car on a sunny spring day fades the paint in a neat polka dot pattern?

Broke toothpicks off in the exterior door locks of a school on a Friday morning, they had to call a locksmith and boy was the principal pissed. We missed half a day of school.

We ended up hijacking the intercom system on the last senior day and had Darth Vader doing random announcements, such as declaring that the school was the rebel base. We also hijacked the electronic billboard outside of the school and had it run such phrases as This is the Rebel Base, and All Your Base are Belong to Us. Corny, I know, but we were nerdy, geeky high school kids.

A girl at the school got a hold of the senior class home address list and forged school letterhead, then sent form letters to every senior's parents saying the student was failing English and would not graduate on time. The next morning the principal's office was FILLED with pissed off helicopter parents.

My son at the start of this school year went to school about an hour early on the first day of school. The gates to all the parking lots were open, the chains were hanging there, the locks were left open. He and his buddies closed the gates, chained and locked them. Sounds like there was a helluva traffic problem for a couple of hours until the authorities found the keys.

We have a large section of the school that is shaped like a U, and the only entrances to it are two doorways at the tips of the U. Seniors last year took bike locks and chained the doors shut during class. Imagine at class change, roughly 1000 teenagers realizing what happened and pretty much having a party in there while we waited for a janitor to come and unlock the place.

However, I think my brother should get the gold medal. He could tell from the fact that nobody put up the flag that there would be a drug search that day. He'd drive down to the local convenience store, buy half a dozen packages of Twinkies, and put them in his coat and bag. The drug-sniffing dogs would go batshiat.

We had two separate pranks that my friends and I did. Our school has a pool, and we really hated the swimmers and the swim coach (also the PE teacher). So the 1st semester we put a bunch of fish in the pool, which did end up dying later because of the high ass chlorine content. The other thing we did was get quite extreme quantities of pancake mix and put them into the pool. It never quite solidified right, but it was definitely a gelatinous feel. Really hard to stir pancake mix in a full-size swimming pool. After that year they put cameras up in our high school. [Ed: Mr bubbles works really well also!]

organized for everybody to take alarm clocks to school the day before senior skip day, synchronize them, stick them in their lockers, and have them go off in the middle of class the next day. Lots of ruckus, no cost to anybody, nobody gets in trouble, and it gets people's attention.

Our prank was that we made our teacher's parking lot a "charity used car auction". We advertised for it a week in advance and during the morning went around putting insanely low dollar amounts in white shoe polish on the teacher's cars. Several hundred people showed up, fist fights occurred, police and fire trucks came, traffic jammed up for a few miles. Everyone left school early! Huzzah!

My senior year, we took a locker that no body used and pried one of the vents at the top big enough for a marble to fit. Throughout the year, seniors (and a few other underclassmen) dropped a marble in. Near the end of the year, someone called in the locker as being filled with drugs.

Oh - we did 'borrow' all of the For Sale signs in town and covered the front lawn of the school... I will tell you the school didn't mind - but the Realtor were all pissed!!! Of course all of the orange cones and hazard signage was 'borrowed' as well, so we had a lot of visitors that day!