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Karens Run for Governor

Raise the tobacco minimum age
for use to 21.
It would go a long way to keeping tobacco out of schools. If only a single Minnesota child never uses tobacco: consider it a success.

Banish tobacco products on any public owned property: state, county, city, or federal property within Minnesota’s borders. Indoors, vehicles, and lawns - the whole property. All tobacco products, not just smoking products.

Lower the speed limit to 55
Save lives
Save fuel/energy

Health Insurance Corporate Reform

  • Require clear reporting of the amount of money collected as health insurance premiums
  • Require clear reporting of the amount of money spent on direct health care for premium payers
  • Require clear reporting of the amount of money spent on doctors, advertising, and everything else
  • money spent on lobbyists (nationally and in Minnesota)
  • Disclose the revenue collected as drug payments from insurance and out of pocket
  • Disclose value of free drugs donated for patients

Physician Reform Require all physicians to disclose if they have received compensation (money or anything tangible such as events, dinners, nick-knacks, or samples) from any drug manufacturer, and have specifically listed by manufacturer, each on a specific for in each room that the doctor may see patients. This would include any compensation acting as a consultant. Further disclosure to provide documentation of any research done in favor of any drug or procedure. All holdings (stocks, bonds, etc.) of any company in or in support of the medical field.

Additionally a verbal and written note must be displayed when a doctor prescribes a medication by a drug manufacturer that has compensated said physician, or where the physician has any investment in any company in or in support of the medical field.

Remove incentives to make ethanol from food products. It takes 232kg of corn to fill a 50 liter tank of gas with ethanol. That corn used to fill one car tank with ethanol is enough to feed one child for an entire year. Ethanol reduces US greenhouse gases by 1/19 of 1%. Researchers at Cornell University and the University of California-Berkeley say it takes 29% more fossil energy to turn corn into ethanol than the amount of fuel the process produces.

Remove the $75 per diem state legislators receive!

State amendment to require a referendum for taxpayer funded stadiums.
Take power away from politicians (politicians derive their power from the ability to steer money).

Direct tax receipts on items society considers bad to the logical recipients.
Direct all tobacco tax for state paid lung and heart disease care. "Pet store animal adoption tax” to fund no-kill animal shelters.

Campaign Finance ReformWhy not set up a law for people to donate to a candidate through a blind trust, run by a trustee such as an accounting firm, in the candidate’s name, who will dole out the funds monthly and anonymously.

The trustee of the donations would be required to keep all actual donation anonymous (not allowing the candidate to know who donated, or collected, money for the candidate).

A candidate would get his donations to run for public office, but would not be beholden to individuals for favors, because the candidate would not be sure who gave how much.

An individual or corporation would donate to the trust for a candidate because of candidate’s ideas, and not to buy influence over the candidate.

An individual could speak out about having donated to a candidate (weather having donated money or not), but there would never be any proof allowed to get to the candidate. Isn't the individual capped at a $2,000 donation?

Corporations and firms who make donations, or merely gather up individual donation would be prohibited from disclosing publically the donation. Doing so would require the trustee to refuse the donation.

End tax deductibility of campaign donations.