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The Lost Boys of La Crosse

This page is configured to catch a few search robots, and help me find a few old friends. I'm trying to get this page to show up high in a search, so they can see I'm looking for them if they or someone who knows them searces on their name. If you know any one of these characters, help a guy out and drop me a note about them.

Brian Sciborski

Born in La Crosse, WI in 1968 as Brian Sciborski. He changes his name to Brian Graef after his mother remarried, and his step-father adopted him. He was in the Navy for a very short period of time (washout after a couple weeks). Enjoys airplanes, jets, and airshows, he may tell you he is a pilot and he'll fly you off someplace, even if he doesn't have a license to fly. He lived in La Crosse, WI during the summer and fall of 1988. I lost track of him after that, until recently. I always assumed he would marry a dirty with a pronounced Adam's Apple, but he did marry a woman. Her name is Peggy (same name as his mother - can you say Oedipal Complex)? In case he is lonely please give him a call, or write him a postcard...

Brian & Peggy Graef
S1764 Hegge RD
Westby, WI 54667
(608) 634-6504

John Stevens

Originally from Argyle, WI. Was looking to get a docrite in psychology (like Dr. Phil). It looks like he lives near Madison, WI today.

John Stephens
Telephone: 608.293.2154
E-mail: copaceticlife@yahoo.com

Joel Sebranek

Originally from Argyle, WI. Wanted to go to UW-Madison to finish a degree in engineering. I can only guess he lives in Holmen, WI today.

Steve Brown

Originally from West Virgina, but spent time in Tyler, TX before moving to La Crosse, WI. Steve Brown graduated from La Crosse Central High School in 1987. Steve Brown played a cream colored Kramer guitar. Steve Brown attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in the late 80's and might have gone to Madison to the main campus of the University of Wisconsin. He might be running an engineering firm around La Crosse, WI.