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Grand Champion Humanitarian

For having dealt with some of the dumbest people on Earth over the years. In reading some of these stories, you will see how Kevin should be awarded an honorary Nobel Medal for having to deal with nitwit roommates and slumlords. He's an all around nice guy who never cuts people off in traffic, and he’s never inconsiderate of others. He has compassion for all of mankind.

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Irrational Diversions was founded in 2007 as a way for people to stop being productive for a few short minutes and regain perspective. Everybody needs a break from being productive. Clear your head and prepare as we present irrational stories as a diversion from your dreary routine.

Irrational Diversions Original Writings

The Loss of Reason (10/4/13)
Le Cigare Volant (3/8/13)
National Homebrew Conference (2/14/13)
Summerfest with Cheap Trick (1/16/13)
A Waiter's Life (1/3/13)
Pranks II (12/16/12)
Best Buy Case Study (12/6/2012)
New Metrodome (1/27/12)
State of the Union Drinking Game(1/27/12)
5 Best Christmas Toys of All Time(12/2/11)
Revenge Pranks(2/7/11)
Super Bowl XLV(2/6/11)
The Pager of Death(12/21/10)
The Vegas Road Trip(12/18/10)
About Jeff (5/8/09)
Zombie Attack Plan (12/14/09)
Karen's Run For Governor (12/08/09)
Skimming the Pool (11/16/09)
Supersuckers - the hardest working band in rock (11/9/09)
Zumbro River Canoeing  (11/2/09)
Halloween  (10/26/09)
A Passage to Bangkok  (10/19/09)
A Second Set of Books  (10/12/09)
Cheap Trick & the Homebrewers  (09/28/09)
Grocery Store Shenanigans  (09/21/09)
William F. Buckley Jr.  (09/14/09)
Two Weddings and a Mortgage -  (09/09/09)
Scumbag Realtor® - Never trust a Realto® (8/24/2009)
My First Rock Concert - Rush (8/24/2009)
Fred - memories of a friend lost (8/17/2009)
For Rent - Apartment Living Sucks (5/19/2008)
Six-Sigma - Project Management at its best! (5/12/2008)
Steven Colucci - born without a soul! (5/5/2008)
My Curfew - Stayin' Out Late
The Union and Me - stirring the kettle
Utah! - with the Manson Family!
The Smelly Neighborhood
Wells Fargo - Bad Bank!
Crazy Homeless Guy - My Citizens Arrest
Golf Ball Bandits - Life on the Golf Course
The Google Bankroll - I Made Fast Cash
Credit Card Pranks - Torment Abusive People
Boobs at the Radisson - Working Room Service
About Brian... - Born Without a Clue