Privacy Policy

Irrational Diversions Privacy and Security Policy Our privacy philosophy at Irrational Diversions is simple - your data is your data. We believe you should be able to share and collaborate your ideas on our platform on a hosted environment without fear of spam and other nastyness.

Irrational Diversions doesn't require a registration process, because we really don't need it. If you want to contact us you are free to do so, and your email address will NEVER be sold, traded, rented, or shared with any other parties parties without your express permission.

Effective date: 06/01/2009

This site is protected by RK Secure Networks. RK Secure Networks specializes in creating a comprehensive individual solutions for your network needs. RK Secure Networks has a wide range of skill-sets available, yet we are small enough to create a custom solution for your small to medium environment.