Gun Control

I have a different perspective, in part because of my spouse works in healthcare and my knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). One glaring legal hole in HIPPA is when an individual has a seizure. That information must be reported to the state and driving privileges are typically suspended until the person has gone 6 months without seizure. This may vary from state to state. It is done to protect the safety of the population and person who suffered the seizure.

One issue my spouse faces daily is treatment of patients with chronic pain using opioids. Most of those patients are placed, by policy, on pain contracts. This got me asking when a person has a 30-day supply of 90 pills containing opioids they’re taking at least 3 per waking hours daily – when is that patient NOT under the influence? Why shouldn’t another hole be opened up in HIPPA to report opioids prescribed over a certain threshold to the state, so they may suspend driving privileges?

After Sandy Hook I discussed my idea of opioids and new holes in HIPPA with friends and family. I came to the conclusion when certain thresholds of mental instability are met the right to bear arms could be suspended. The question arose asking if people high on opioids should be allowed to bear arms as well?

My newly refined proposal is people under the influence of opioids or not passing certain mental health thresholds should be denied the right to bear arms and driving privileges. I would guess many opioid users would reevaluate their prescriptive needs when driving privileges are on the line

I’ve been an advocate of going after gun owners who allow their weapons to fall into the hands of other who use them to hurt others. If your weapon was used by James Holmes for the Batman shooting in Aurora your right to bear arms should be suspended or revoked and possible some jail time – weapons are weapons and it is your responsibility to secure them period.

The big questions are who decides the thresholds of mental instability or opioid use? Would the opioid standard be national? Would opioid users and those suffering from mental instability be discovered through FOIA requests?

Living in Minnesota I have 2 Democrat Senators (Klobuchar & Franken) who only interested in disarming the public so my voice has been neutered.