My Thoughts on Going Green

I still don't believe in made-made global climate change. CO2 is a trace gas comprising 0.0387% by volume, of the Earth's atmosphere. Remember CO2 is required by plants to perform photosynthesis. The oceans are full of dissolved and frozen CO2, and it's thought that warmer ocean more readily dispenses their CO2, so, is it possible that global warming causes increases in CO2?

The Government should get out of the way. Pushing us to use ethanol (corn based fuel) only drives up the cost of food. Wonder why food costs are soaring, it can be tracked to the use of ethanol. That might not be a bad thing if it forced everybody to plant a garden and raise organic vegetables, but mostly it makes people choose between good food and whatever else they need. T. Boon Pickens wants us to switch to US Natural gas to run our cars. That's great, but how many elderly people will freeze because they cannot afford the higher costs of natural gas? How much does T. Boon have invested into natural gas reserves?

AlGore tells me what to do to create a smaller carbon footprint while he runs enormous personal carbon footprints in his limos and convoys of gas guzzlers after he gets to town in inefficient small jets. Vs. Ed Begley Jr. who leads by example and doesn't tell me what to do, instead shows what he has already done. Ed leads by example

It's the little things we do every day. Use less, reuse more, recycle when your done with it. Stuffing less crap in landfills would be good, and using less carbon based fuel (scarce resources) will make what we have last longer. Let's use more solar and wind power today while we build more clean nuclear plants tomorrow. That'll give us the time to come up with some truly long-range plans and technology (hydrogen fuel-cells).