My Computer

Dell Optiplex 745
Intel E6700 Core 2 2.66
8GB RAM (Crucial)
1 TB Seagate HD

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS
Windows 7 takes full advantage of my Core Duo, E6700. Microsoft worked closely with Intel to come up with instructions and routines for parallel/asynchronous-processing and improved support for paging. The 64-bit version helps take advantage of ALL 8 GB of RAM installed and allowed the use of additional registers within the CPU that a 32-bit OS would not be able to access. The 64-bit addressing also allows for some awesome math calculations if I ever need numbers that large or precise.

Other select 64-bit software
  • WinRAR x64
  • Paint.NET (64-bit)
  • Minefield (Mozilla 64-bit)

I use a Linksys Cable Modem/Router w/ DDWRT for my connection
I use a BestBuy/Geek Squad 1285VA Battery Backup (manufactured by CyberPower)