Irrational Diversions, across the planet are millions of individuals trapped in cubicles working for their Overlords. Irrational Diversions has a solution; allowing you to protest and do something good for all of mankind. We publish short amusing stories designed to keep cube farm prisoners from doing anything productive for a few short moments. If Irrational Diversions can get enough people reading stories published each Monday we can collectively drop the Planetary GDP and make the world a slightly better place to live.

Irrational Diversions is looking for new authors who want to write and have short stories to be published on this website. Typical stories are about 2 basic typewritten pages, and are amusing stories intended for cubical farm prisoners across the country. Think of it as a form of rebellion again “The Man!” We need people to stop being productive for just a few minutes each week. Your short stories may help the project achieve its worldwide goal.

Irrational Diversions will select and publish amusing stories submitted. Irrational Diversions will give you all the credit you desire, or allow you to remain completely anonymous if you desire.
Eventually Irrational Diversions would like to develop a Wiki-Screenplay!

To stay informed about Irrational Diversions developments, we recommend that you check the site out weekly.

Kevin Cotter, Founder and principle author created Irrational Diversions as a way to clear his mind of any possible productive ideas.  Kevin was out of painkillers and was convinced the color orange was trying to murder Amy Winehouse (mission accomplished).

Kevin never went to a traditional school, he was instead tutored by circus monkeys. Kevin graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Advanced Underwater Basket-weaving after completing an Associate in Applied Science in procrastination at Atlantis Community College.

Kevin fears: telephones, clowns, and having his picture taken. One of his life goals is to become a rickshaw driver.

The Irrational Diversions Reader: The average reader of Irrational Diversions is a person between the ages of twenty-two and forty-five. This person has usually encountered some significant amount of anxiety in his or her life, especially in work. In most cases, this reader is college educated, and has a Boss/Overlord that makes the reader crazy. In many cases, this reader is or was a hard worker with common sense, which means that they’ve likely had Overlord problems in the past as well. Of course, the reader will be familiar with stupid people and Western pop culture touchstones. This constant reader is likely also fairly technically proficient, as they’re turning to a blog for entertainment, which means discussion of soft technical issues is generally appropriate. There is also a significant chance that the person reading the site is a blogger, or considering being a blogger, so posts about blogging, particularly from a somewhat financial perspective, would be of interest.